Code Author Company Country Title
1-1 Danuše Marusičová ACRI CZ Introduction
1-2 Gianosvaldo Fadin CENELEC ITA Overview of current and upcoming standards
2-1 Isabelle Vandoorne European Commission BE EU strategic scenario: white paper, ITS and railway Interoperability
2-2 Dennis Schut UIC FRA Track Side – On Board Mobile Communications
3-1 Laurent Bourgeois SNCF FRA ICT applications in SNCF trains
3-2 Florian Schiessl DBAG GER Future needs of Deutschen Bahn AG regarding ICT on train
3-3 Bryan Donnely ATOC UK An Operators View on Information Communication technology on Trains
3-4 John Stafford RSSB UK European railway industries ICT perspectives – GB vision for the expected evolution
3-5 Jiří Konečný,
Petr Sporer
ČD CZ Information technologies on the Czech railways rolling stock
3-6 Jaromír Novák ČD Cargo CZ presentation canceled, covered in presentation of ČD
3-7 Marek Neustadt SŽDC CZ Relationship between TAF TSI and transmission of TT data to the engines – SŽDC solution
3-8 Ondřej Kovář Starmon, SŽDC CZ Fault detection of rail vehicles in motion
3-9 Andrea Gatti,
A. Ghelardini
Trenitalia ITA Information and Communication Technology On Trains - The Frecciarossa
4-1 Paolo Umiliacchi CNC ITA Past and future supporting research projects
4-2 David Žák University of Pardubice CZ Railway Wireless Communication Network in the Czech Republic
5-1 Jean-Pierre Gilbert UNIFE BE Train Control & Monitoring System - UNIFE’s achievements and perspective
5-2 Uwe Kucharzyk,
Armin Hagen Weiss
Bombardier GER IEC TC9 WG43 - Train Real Time Data Protocol - TRDP
5-3 Jacek Szymanski Information Systems Consultancy FRA Trends in Software Intensive Systems Development
5-4 Enrico De Fent VDS ITA Using DPWS - A case study
5-5 Gilles Betis Thales FRA IEC TC9 ICT standards - Thales Vision
5-6 Viktor Hollmann Škoda Transportation CZ Passenger Information Systems